Why Choose Us?

  • We teach you quickly and ensure you can use what you learn
  • We focus on correct pronunciation
  • You will learn to speak
  • Our lessons are fun
  • We understand how to learn languages

Individual Lessons for Children and Adults

  • Study at your own pace
  • Learn at our office or via Skype
  • Adjust your schedule week by week
  • Custom-designed courses to fit your needs
  • Invoices/Certificates available for corporate reimbursement


500 UAH Individual Lesson 60 mins
250 UAH Individual Lesson 30 mins

Group Lessons for Children

We group students based on a combination of similar ability and age. The maximum number of students in each group is 8, and we try to maximise each student’s chance to speak.

  • Classes are conducted in English
  • Groups for ages 7 – 19 years
  • Maximum of 8 students per group
  • Students enjoy their classes
  • Different approaches to best cater to everyone’s needs


200 UAH Group Lesson 60 mins
+ Books

Teacher Profile:

Hi, I’m Steve, a teacher from New Zealand. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Massey University, and a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate from Trinity College London.

I am passionate about language education and always do my best to get students to engage with the learning process and to motivate them to do the best they can to learn English. I try to make lessons fun and use games and activities to make learning an enjoyable experience.

I’ve taught in Kyiv for the last 7 years and personally know how difficult language learning can be. I currently study Russian and Ukrainian and studied Japanese at high school.

I look forward to helping you learn and use English in your life.