Time and money is precious, and there is no point in wasting either learning in an inefficient or ineffective way. Our lessons are structured so that you can learn quickly, but that your learning is assessed and your progress monitored. We focus on correct pronunciation and presenting grammar in such a way that it is understandable and easy to remember. We coach our students to speak in a way that is both normal and comprehensible to native-speakers. read more…


We are specialists in translating Russian and Ukrainian to English. Our translation business was established in 2012 in Kyiv, Ukraine, and since then we have serviced hundreds of business clients.
Our services are by arrangement only, and we primarily service businesses, or business people, in long-term relationships as a principal translation provider. We can provide all necessary compliance and tax documentation as per local regulations and laws (for Ukraine).
All translations are completed by native-speakers of the target language.
Translations are triple-checked for accuracy and we have stringent quality control procedures in place.
Please note: We do not translate personal documents or arrange for the notarisation of translations. Read more…